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How do I tell if my pet has bad teeth?

The most common sign of bad teeth is bad breath. Another sign is some pets can start to prefer soft food over kibble. Most owners can see tartar and gingivitis in the mouth but this may not be the cause of the disease or problem.  The consequences of this tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease include bad breath, gum recession, bone loss around teeth and bacterial infection between the tooth and bone. Your vet or veImage result for dentist images clip artt nurse is able to give you the best advice whether your pet will need to have their teeth cleaned and if extractions may be required.


What happens if my pet needs to have its teeth cleaned or a tooth extracted?

To properly evaluate the severity of dental disease dogs and cats require general anaesthesia. A scale and polish and thorough oral exam will allow us to

determine if teeth need to be extracted. If teeth do need to be extracted pain relief is important.

We use local anaesthetic and postoperative home pain relief.


My cat has renal disease should I still get the teeth cleaned?

Yes, bacteria from the mouth can end up in the bloodstream and we know that periodontal disease is associated with changes in the kidneys, liver and heart.


What can I do to keep my pets teeth clean?

Home oral care is important to prevent or delay dental disease. Home oral care products are not good at removing tartar and work best once the teeth are clean. There are several dental diets, tooth brushes, chews, rinses and gels available. Your vet or vet nurse will be able to recommend a product that best suits your pet.

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