Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

The science behind why it’s not always possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Do you have an older dog who is starting to act a little senile, slow down or not seem themselves? It could be they are suffering from canine cognitive dysfunction – and although this condition sounds like a mouthful, if […]

Farm Biosecurity

As Gypsy day approaches on the first of June, lots of our farmers have a hundred things to think about with the changeover of staff, cows, machinery and sometimes entire livelihoods. One very important message to remember is about BIOSECURITY – especially given the season we have had with M. bovis concerns circulating throughout the country. If you […]

Introducing two new vets!

We are happy to announce we have two more wonderful vets to introduce! Lauren Leicester and Emma Gunn are our enthusiastic new vets who have been working with us since early 2018.     Lauren graduated from James Cook University in Townsville, Australia in 2017.     Emma is a Massey graduate of 2017, and […]

Introducing our New Vets!

We are Super Excited to Introduce our New Vets!   INTRODUCING………..   🐑🐮 Sam Lee is an experienced Mixed Animal Veterinarian. Sam has recently returned from Canada to Join our team. He spent 2 years in Canada and previously 4 years working in South Canterbury.   🐕🐈 Julia Foster is an experienced Mixed Animal Veterinarian. Julia has […]

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