Specialised Services


Ultrasound is an excellent, non-invasive method of having a look inside at hearts & abdominal structures. Unlike x-rays it gives much better information about the structure of various ‘soft organs’. It generally doesn’t require anaesthetic, just some fur to be clipped. Several of our vets have advanced their skills to be able to interpret ultrasounds accurately & will accept referrals

Digital x-ray

Digital x-ray processing now provides a much safer & more reliable option for reading radio graphs of our patients. With built in measuring tools & the ability to zoom in & optimise images, digital x-ray processing has improved the services we can provide

Orthopaedic surgery

With specialist equipment & experienced surgeons we can repair a range of bone & joint problems, from fractures & dislocations to torn ligaments. In particular, we offer two options for the repair of cruciate ligaments. For small dogs and cats we offer the routine ‘tie-back’ surgery. For large & active dogs we offer the more specialised ‘MMT’ surgery

For more information on these specialised services please do not hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our experienced vets